U.S. Report Shows Increasing Anti-Muslim Attitudes in Europe

January 8, 2004

Source: International Herald Tribune


On January 8, 2004 the International Herald Tribune reported, "The State Department's fifth Annual Report on International Religious Freedom, released on Dec. 18, shows a frightening increase in anti-Muslim attitudes in several European countries, including some of America's strongest allies. The report cites the growth of Europe's Muslim immigrant population as the most common reason for anti-Muslim tensions in that particular region...According to the U.S. report, state restriction of religious freedom is the second key cause for anti-Muslim discrimination in Europe...The United States has also expressed its concern that some governments may use the war on terrorism to restrain religious freedoms. Hanford warned that 'nations have targeted religious believers, even under the guise of antiterrorism campaigns, and driven some toward radicalism and violence.'"