U.S. Muslim Organizations Calls for Resignation of Saddam Hussein and Ending U.S. War Preparations

January 17, 2003

Source: Reuters


On January 17, 2003 Reuters reported that "U.S. Muslim organizations called on Friday for the resignation of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein... and an end to U.S. preparations to attack Iraq... The American Muslim Political Coordination Council, an umbrella group for the main Muslim political organizations in the United States, said the United Nations... and the Organization of the Islamic Conference should then organize free elections in Iraq to 'lead Iraq out of the current desperate situation...' A U.S. attack on Iraq would destabilize the region, radicalize young people in the Muslim world, create support for Osama bin Laden... promote anti-American sentiment, endanger U.S. military personnel and make Americans feel responsible for the death of many innocent Iraqis, it added."