U.S. Judge Orders Islamic Charities With Ties to Hamas to Pay Damages in West Bank Murder Case

December 9, 2004

Source: ABC News

Wire Service: AFP


On December 9, 2004 Agence France-Presse reported, "A US judge ordered four Islamic charities accused of raising money for the militant Palestinian group Hamas to pay $US156 million in damages to the parents of a teenager slain in the West Bank. David Boim, 17, was shot and killed in a 1996 attack in West Bank. His parents turned to US courts, invoking a law that allows victims of terrorism abroad to collect damages in American courts from groups that give money to terrorists. Stanley and Joyce Boim, US citizens who moved to Israel, filed suit against four US-based Islamic groups, arguing they were liable in their son's death because of their alleged fundraising activities for Hamas. Judge Arlander Keys found for the Boims, and against three groups and a Palestinian-American from suburban Chicago, last month."