U.S. Jains Offer Prayers, Funds for Terror Attack Victims

September 24, 2001

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On September 24, 2001, the Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington's web site highlighted fundraising efforts for victims of the September 11 attacks. "We encourage you all to donate generously. Our country needs the support of every individual. Many of us have given donations for the Gujarat Earthquake Relief but now this tragedy has happened in our country, and its time for us to help our fellow citizens... We have placed a Bandhar in the Temple for receiving donations to help the victim's families of WTC and Pentagon attack...JAINA has already started collecting funds for this purpose, and has already sent $10,000. (From temple website.)

On September 17, the Jain Society of North Texas issued the press release regarding a special service to be held September 23. "Jains Mourn Loss of Lives at WTC." The Jain Society's President also posted a letter to the community.

On September 14, the International Mahavir Jain Mission offered prayers in response to the NYC tragedy.