U.S. Indian Immigrants Unite to Aid Tsunami Relief

January 25, 2005

Source: The Christian Science Monitor


On January 25, 2005 The Christian Science Monitor reported, "Here [gathered in a Sunnyvale, CA Hindu temple] are Punjabis and Gujaratis, Tamils and Bengalis, and the only sound is the high waver of traditional Indian singing nearby. So often divided by ties to two dozen states, more than 10 languages, and a kaleidoscope of faiths, Indian immigrants are finding unity in a time of loss. Like Sri Lankans, they have held vigils and created websites. Like Indonesians, they have turned empty garages into donation centers and established charities. Yet at least on this side of the Pacific, one of the greatest successes of the relief effort so far is in simply bringing together immigrant communities that at times dwell on the differences that divide instead of the cultural heritage that binds. 'The Indo-American community is not a monolith - everybody maintains their local allegiances,' says Sam Rao, an activist in the Bay Area Indian community. 'But this has been an occasion for coming together.'"