U.S General Boykin's Remarks Called Offensive to Islam

October 22, 2003

Source: Los Angeles Times


On October 22, 2003 the Los Angeles Times reported that "Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Tuesday that the Pentagon would conduct an internal investigation of a senior military intelligence official who has publicly described the war on terrorism as a battle between 'a Christian nation' and Satan. Rumsfeld said: 'I think it's appropriate' to investigate the comments by Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin... Rumsfeld said the Army inspector general's office may initiate the investigation, and that another inquiry by the Defense Department's inspector general's office might follow. But he offered no details on what investigators would be looking for, and he avoided specifically criticizing or condemning Boykin. Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John W. Warner, a Virginia Republican, and Michigan Sen. Carl Levin, the committee's ranking Democrat, wrote to Rumsfeld on Friday urging that the Pentagon inspector general's office conduct a 'thorough review of the facts' and make 'a determination as to whether or not there has been any inappropriate behavior' by Boykin."

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