U.S General Boykin's Remarks Called Offensive to Islam

October 16, 2003

Source: U.S.Newswire


On October 16, 2003 U.S.Newswire reported that "the Interfaith Alliance, the nation's leading interfaith organization, issued a response to last night's report on NBC Nightly News With Tom Brokaw and this morning's article in the Los Angeles Times exposing divisive statements on Islam by the new Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Lt. Gen. William Boykin." In the statement, the Interfaith Alliance calls on President Bush to reprimand Gen. Boykin, who according to the LA Times sees "the war on terrorism as a clash between Judeo-Christian values and Satan." The Interfaith Alliance Statement declared that "religion can play a positive and healing role in our nation; unfortunately that potential will not be realized until those who claim to speak for people of faith reflect in their rhetoric adherence to the core values of the range of rich religious traditions in this nation. The Interfaith Alliance affirms the right of all Americans to speak publicly about their religious beliefs, but also believes it is offensive and audacious to critique or define another's deity or tradition, especially when their leadership role calls for working with people of different faiths... General Boykin's remarks are contrary to those very ideals we work to uphold."