US Envoy to Muslim World Touts Respect And Tolerance

May 27, 2010

Author: Brittany Knotts

Source: Southern California Public Radio

In an effort to improve relations between Islam and the West, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton named Farah Anwar Pandith as the first ever Special Representative to Muslim Communities.

Pandith spoke to Alex Cohen on the Patt Morrison show today about her goals and job as the special representative, which operates within the State Department.

Pandith highlighted many of the new position's goals and said the underlying impetus is based on President Obama’s “vision of engagement based on mutual interest and mutual respect.”

Among Pandith’s priorities are concentrating on the future of Islam rather than the past; reaching out to the new generation of Muslims through 21st century technology; acknowledging that Islam is very diverse; and encouraging an open dialogue between the U.S. and grassroots Muslim groups.