U.S. Elected Officials and Government Agencies Make Satements in Response to Backlash

September 13, 2001

Source: Council on American-Islamic Relations


On September 13, 2001, the Council on American-Islamic Relations issued a press release with statements of government officials who have "condemned anti-Muslim hysteria." It included statements by President Bush, Mayor Giuliani, and other elected officials. In a news conference, Attorney General Ashcroft was quoted as saying, "'"Since Tuesday the Justice Department has received reports of violence and threats of violence against Arab-Americans and other Americans of Middle Eastern and South Asian descents. We must not descend to the level of those who perpetrated Tuesday's violence by targeting individuals based on their race, their religion, or their national origin. Such reports of violence and threats are in direct opposition to the very principles and laws of the United States and will not be tolerated.'"