US Catholic Diocese To Organize Inter-Religious Meet

September 22, 2007

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Cartholic Bishops' Conference in India

Catholic Diocese of Reno will be celebrating silver jubilee of its Annual Diocesan Conference by connecting with area leaders of other religions in Sparks in January next.

According to Father Charles T. Durante, Pastor of Saint Teresa of Avila Catholic Church of Carson City, it will include serious dialogue among regional leaders of Muslim, Protestant, Hindu, and Jewish faiths besides Catholic on the topics of “truth”, “fullness”, “acceptance of each other”, and “growing together”. It will reflect on “how do we reconnect”, Durante adds.

Participating religious leaders include prominent Hindu chaplain Rajan Zed, Reverend V. James Jeffrey, Rabbi Myra Soifer and Imam Abdul Barghouthi, besides Durante. “Integrity—Rooted in the Soul” is the theme of this 25th Annual Conference. Theme of the last Conference was “Compassion—Life of the Heart”.