Update: Voorhees Mosque Wins Approval

November 7, 2003

Source: The Philadelphia Enquirer


On November 7, 2003 The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that "a mosque construction proposal that sparked months of controversy was unanimously approved by the Voorhees Zoning Board last night after hours of debate. The approval of the mosque site plan clears the way for construction by spring if no appeals are filed. Zia Rahman, managing director of the group that plans to build the mosque, said: 'I think it's excellent. I think the board was very compassionate. I think the community as a whole will be very much together.' Nearly 150 people filled the hearing room of the municipal building, some welcoming the mosque and urging approval, others expressing concern about parking and traffic problems and the loss of tax revenue... The project became controversial after dissemination of anonymous flyers in the spring and the summer warning residents that the mosque could attract worshipers with links to terrorists."

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