Update: Ten Commandments Monument in Alabama Judicial Building

October 10, 2003

Source: CNSNews.com


On October 10, 2003 CNSNews.com reported that "hundreds of Christians chanted, sang and prayed for the Ten Commandments on Monday, bringing their eight-day, five-state campaign to Washington, D.C., where they called on lawmakers to pay homage to the role of religion in the United States. The morning rally brought together some of the leading figures in the fight to preserve public displays of the Ten Commandments, such as the 2.5-ton monument in a Montgomery, Ala., courthouse installed by state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy S. Moore... About 350 people from across the country turned out for the gathering at the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court. Some had traveled with the "Save the Commandments Caravan" since Sept. 28, when it embarked from the capitol building in Montgomery."