Update: Systemic Racism Not Widespread at School Where Teachers Suspended

April 26, 2005

Source: Canada.com/Canadian Press


On April 26, 2005 the Canadian Press reported, "There is no systemic problem with racism at an Ottawa Islamic school where two teachers were suspended for praising a student's story advocating violent revenge against Israel, Education Minister Gerard Kennedy said Tuesday. 'It is not a reflection of a larger trend,' Kennedy told reporters. 'It does not indicate that there is faulty or flawed teaching going on in that school. We are not going to be taking further actions because it does not seem that there's any grounds to do so.' Kennedy said a ministry investigation into what he called a 'deeply disturbing' incident at the Abraar Islamic school determined the student's report was not typical of the teachings at the private institution. 'People should know our officials have determined it was an isolated incident, and that that is not a reflection on what is being taught in that school to the 250-some children that are there,' he said."