Update: Support for Savannah Islamic Center After Arson Fire

September 7, 2003

Source: WTOC 11 News (Savannah, GA)


On September 7, 2003, WTOC 11 News in Savannah, GA, reported that the Islamic community whose mosque was destroyed by fire several weeks earlier held a peace rally to promote unity among members of various faith communities and to dispel misconceptions about the Islamic community. "It was a turnout that brought people from all walks of life to end hatred in their community...What would normally takes place behind closed doors has been held out in the open since the fire and while the Muslim community practiced their faith, they encouraged people to stay and watch. 'I think this is the kind of message we are giving to the people that we are all together for peace. People of all different faiths came here. We not only see the community of Muslims, but we have people from all over,' said assistant chairman of the Islamic Center of Savannah, Dr. Masood Ahmed."

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