Update: Sikh Who Fabricated Hate Crime Will Not Be Charged

June 15, 2005

Source: The Globe and Mail


On June 15, 2005 The Globe and Mail reported, "The 17-year-old Sikh who fabricated a story that he was attacked by five Caucasian men won't be charged, a spokesman for the Richmond RCMP said yesterday. Instead, the young man will meet with his parents, the RCMP and Sikh community members to talk about the problem and possible punishments within the restorative justice program. 'This incident is not as much about criminality as it is culture,' Corporal Peter Thiessen said. 'This is a time for calm and understanding . . . not criminal charges.' The teenager could have faced a charge of mischief after saying that he was attacked by five men who held an Exacto knife to his throat, pulled off his turban and cut off his hair, a sacred symbol in Sikh culture. But the youth later said he just wanted to have shorter hair and made up the story as an excuse for his parents."