Update: Settlement Results in Changed Dress Code for Religious Adherents at Omaha Pools

February 18, 2005

Source: The IBS Network


On February 18, 2005 The IBS Network reported, "the city of Omaha settled a lawsuit filed by a woman who said she was discriminated against at a city swimming pool. Lubna Hussein and the American Civil Liberties Union alleged religious and civil rights violations, saying the city discriminated against her at Deer Ridge swimming pool. She was turned away twice. Hussein's religion does not allow her to wear a bathing suit, and city rules do not permit anyone into public pools without one. She wore jeans, a long sleeve T-shirt and her headscarf. She said she planned to watch her children from the pool deck. The suit was filed in June 2004. The parties to the suit announced Friday in a news release that the city has amended its policies to allow a variance in their dress code based on religious and/or medical needs."