Update: Providence Kirpan Case Against Sher Singh

September 11, 2002

Source: Zwire

On September 11, 2002 Zwire reported on Sher JB Singh, who "a year ago... was pulled off an Amtrak train in Providence, R.I., and arrested amid a crowd of angry people and racial slurs. He was accused of being a terrorist. His photo appeared in newspapers and on television, linked with words like 'suspicious' and 'weapon.' Now, Singh, a devout Sikh originally from Chandigarh, Punjab, in northern India, works to educate others about the meaning and importance of turbans and ceremonial knives. He is not angry at the police or government, despite a months-long court battle. 'What I realize now, is, firstly, that time tests the resolve of people and merely being a citizen or productive member of society does not make you worthy of being an American,' Singh said. 'This is what will make you an American: not just how good you were to yourself and your family, but did you achieve something in the social system and political system that you will be remembered for?'"