Update: Providence Kirpan Case Against Sher Singh: 2003

March 5, 2003

Source: The Providence Journal


On March 5, 2003 The Providence Journal reported that "in the days and months since [his arrest, Sher] Singh has found that his train ride - abruptly ending in the birthplace of Roger Williams' 'lively experiment' - has taken him to a new place in his religion and his work... Singh's arrest made him a reluctant celebrity... 'If you think you have been chosen, for whatever reason, to do God's work, then that's the way God wanted it,' he says. 'If I had my doubts about the importance of community service before, God instilled in me that importance. That is why I am here today...' His arrest 'was a wake-up call' to North America's 500,000 Sikhs "that we hadn't been doing enough to portray to the world what our contributions have been. We had not done enough outside of our own community to make others feel comfortable with us."