Update: Muslim Youth Camp in Iowa Approved

July 13, 2003

Source: Des Moines Register


On July 13, 2003 the Des Moines Register published an editorial by the Register Editorial Board stating that "opposition to establishing the first summer camp for Muslim youth in the nation by Coralville Lake may be based on concerns about protecting the environment, the cost of government services needed and increased traffic, but that's not all... Suspicion is a factor, too. The only question is how much... Iowans pride themselves on being tolerant, respectful, neighborly. Before 9/11, it's likely that Muslims were widely viewed as just another religious minority contributing to the mix. Since 9/11, there's less good will toward Muslims, which is deeply disturbing... The Muslim Youth Camps of America board is made up of eastern Iowans. The idea for the camp preceded 9/11. One supporter said it will be an educational and recreational camp where students and others could come to exchange ideas and open their minds... The camp - tentatively called Camp Horizon - should be a place to foster better understanding of interfaith and intercultural issues, and it should be welcomed."