Update: Muslim Women in Cincinatti Speak Out Through “Moms Against Violence”

August 21, 2005

Source: The Enquirer


On August 21, 2005 The Enquirer ran an editorial featuring the new organization, Muslim Mothers Against Violence. "With all the forces that divide people of differing faiths and cultures, it is bitterly ironic that one of the few common bonds we perceive is the sad universality of grief over a lost child. Recently, a group of Muslim mothers with the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati formed an organization to not only acknowledge that bond, but to reach beyond it - promoting a culture of non-violence and respect that could help lessen those occasions of grief... Muslim Mothers Against Violence, which has grown to more than 100 members in a few weeks, also aims to combat the notion that Islam teaches or condones terrorism... [The organization is] instituting programs to instruct students in non-violence and in resolving differences peacefully."