Update: Muncie Muslims Reach Out to Community

June 20, 2003

Source: The Star Press


On June 20, 2003 The Star Press reported that "when a sign outside the Islamic Center was recently vandalized, members of the congregation didn't get angry at their neighbors. Instead they invited them over for a barbecue... On Saturday, leaders of the Islamic Center, 1717 N. Ball Ave., hosted a lunch for anyone who wanted to come... They made calls to Mormons, Christians, neighbors and even the police, inviting them to come over and eat chicken, pasta, rice and pizza... 'We are trying to reach out to everyone,' said A. Faiz Rahman, president of the center. 'Sometimes when people don't know other people, they are afraid of them. So, we need to tell people that we are here and we like it here...' About 100 people showed up at the center Saturday afternoon. An alley that runs next to it was closed and folding chairs and tables were set up in the roadway."