Update: Mother's Day in Multifaith America

May 9, 2003

Source: The Columbus Dispatch


On May 9, 2003 The Columbus Dispatch published an editorial by Asma Mobin-Uddin stating that "the Arabic word for womb, rahim, is derived from rahma, which means mercy, love, compassion and kindness. From the same root comes one of God's titles: Rahman, the All-Merciful, possessor of all-embracing, perfect mercy and compassion. The word describing a mother's tenderness and love for her offspring is used in its superlative form to describe the mercy of God... The Quran begins with God defining his relationship with human beings by valling himself Rahman and Raheem . Raheem, the Mercy-giving, refers to God's generous and unbounded bestowal of mercy. These terms are used hundreds of times in the Quran, reminding Muslims that belief in God's infinite mercy and love for his creation is central to Islam."