Update: Maxim Apology Not Enough, Say Protesters

January 23, 2003

Source: Tolerance.org


On January 23, 2003 Tolerance.org reported that "the latest edition of Maxim magazine, in an alleged 'humor' article headlined 'Maxim’s Kick-Ass Workout,' depicts a strapping man in a 'Muscle' T-shirt beating up an image of Mahatma Gandhi... 'My first reaction is, ‘How stupid.’ My next reaction is, ‘How sad,' said Michelle Naef, administrator of the M.K. Gandhi Institute in Memphis, Tenn... 'It’s promoting hate crimes. In today’s context, after Sept. 11 and with the anti-war movement, this article is telling people to beat the crap out of Asians and pacifists,' said Michael Matsuda, chairperson of the Orange County Asian Pacific Islander Community Alliance in Garden Grove, Calif... Naef and the OCAPICA are seeking a formal apology from Maxim. OCAPICA also is calling for Maxim to donate funds toward tolerance education to, in Matsuda’s words, 'show that they’re truly contrite.' 'It’s fanning the flames of hatred and bigotry,' said Matsuda.. 'That should be offensive to everyone.'”