Update: Lawmakers Walk Out of Muslim Prayer in Washington State House

March 4, 2003

Source: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer


On March 4, 2003 The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported that "when a Muslim cleric offered the opening prayer before the [WA] state House of Representatives yesterday, at least two lawmakers stepped off the chamber floor... 'The Islamic religion is so... part and parcel with the attack on America. I just didn't want to be there, be a part of that,' [Rep. Lois McMahan] said. 'Even though the mainstream Islamic religion doesn't profess to hate America, nonetheless it spawns the groups that hate America...' Rep. Cary Condotta, a Republican from East Wenatchee, also left the floor. He said the timing was not a coincidence, but he declined to comment further on why he left, except to say he was talking to another lawmaker and 'let's just say I wasn't particularly interested.'"