Update: Interfaith Rally at the Ruins of Mosque in Adelanto

July 17, 2005

Source: San Bernardino County Sun


On July 17, 2005 the San Bernardino County Sun reported, "On Sunday, [Muslima] Fazal spoke passionately about truths she held as evident to a group of about 30 people of various faiths that braved 110-degree temperatures and crossed long, dusty roads to get to the home of the Youth United Organization for the ceremony.

Once a place of gathering for worship, the mosque where they gathered lies in ruins. The blackened remains of a building that once held Islamic manuscripts written by its founding sheik has been devoured by flames... Sunday's ceremony was billed as a unifying event, a gathering of faiths as a way to the heal wounds caused by the fire and vandalism.

It was also a fund-raiser. Fazal and members of the Youth United Organization appealed to those in attendance to contribute money to rebuild."