Update: Interfaith Prayers at Muncie City Hall

May 2, 2003

Source: Indy Star


On May 2, 2003 the Indy Star reported that "the Christians prayed, and so did Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Bahais, for one nation under God, indivisible... But they did so in separate services Thursday honoring the National Day of Prayer, challenging the very meaning of an observance meant to unite all Americans... At noon, an estimated 125 people gathered for an hourlong service on the steps of City Hall, offering Christian prayers for their city, state and nation. The split in Muncie occurred when members of an interfaith group wanted to join Keller, an evangelical Christian who has organized a National Day of Prayer service in Muncie for 10 years. Keller said only Christians could speak from the microphone at his event, which is affiliated with a national evangelical Christian organization called the National Day of Prayer Task Force... Interfaith leaders decided to organize their own observance... Muncie Mayor Dan Canan showed up for both and read the same proclamation. After eight years in office, he has grown accustomed to issuing the statement each May. But this year he tweaked the language to emphasize religious diversity amid what he called unfortunate division in the Muncie religious community."