Update: Hundreds of Indian-Americans Protest Transfer of Police Detective

April 8, 2004

Source: Forest Hills Ledger


On April 8, 2004 the Forest Hills Ledger reported, "More than 100 protesters Hindu, Sikh and Muslim massed along a stretch of Myrtle Avenue in Richmond Hill Saturday to demand the return of a local police detective who was transferred in February amid allegations of bribe-taking and favoritism. Armed with posters, banners and a bullhorn, supporters of Police Detective Rudy Prashad began assembling at 10 a.m. just blocks from the 102nd Precinct where Prashad worked for seven years. By noon, their ranks had swelled to more than 130. 'Only through him does the community have access (to the Police Department) and now he's not here,' said Man Bedesi, president of the Richmond Hills Community Association. Bedesi, who helped organize the event, said that during his seven years at the precinct, Prashad, a Guyanese Hindu, had found a way to bridge the gap between the mostly Indian and Pakistani community and the Police Department. Prashad has been on a modified desk assignment since February, when he was transferred to a housing complex in Brooklyn. Police investigators from the Internal Affairs Bureau continue to look into allegations against Prashad, which include taking kickbacks from local merchants, distributing parking passes and fast-tracking lost passport claims for residents after a fire in 2002."

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