Update: Hindus Protest over Sandels with Ganesha Images

April 29, 2003

Source: American Hindus Against Defamation


On April 29, 2003 American Hindus Against Defamation issued a press release stating that "AHAD was informed of this issue on April 23, and its members launched an informal campaign to have the flip flops withdrawn. On April 27, AHAD launched a formal campaign against American Eagle Outfitters for putting Lord Ganesh on Flip Flops (shoes)... American Eagle Outfitters have offered a formal apology to the Hindu community... However, we have discovered yet another product (a handbag) from American Eagle Outfitters which ridicules Lord Ganesh. Our call for recall of this product has gone unheeded so far. AHAD protests against Aamerican Eagle Outfitters continue, until ALL the products depicting Hindu deities in a derogatory fashion are withdrawn."