Update: Hindus, Muslims, and Vegetarians Sue McDonald's over Use of Beef Flavoring in Fries

February 25, 2003

Source: The Associated Press


On February 25, 2003 The Associated Press reported that "a Cook County judge is delaying the division of a $10 million settlement from McDonald's over beef-laced french fries until the tax-exempt status of some of the vegetarian recipients is clarified... Groups whose status is in limbo include the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America and the Hindu Student Council... The settlement was intended to make amends to customers who unwittingly ate the fries cooked in beef-flavored oil during the 1990s, when McDonald's announced it was using vegetable oil. Lawsuits filed in Illinois, California, New Jersey, Texas and Washington charged the restaurant chain with deceiving people who don't eat meat for personal or religious reasons... Oak Brook-based McDonald's agreed to the settlement last year, offering 60 percent to vegetarian groups, 20 percent to Hindu and Sikh groups, 10 percent to children's nutrition and hunger-relief efforts and 10 percent to promoting understanding of Kosher practices."