Update: Hindus, Muslims, and Vegetarians Sue McDonald's over Use of Beef Flavoring in Fries

January 13, 2003

Source: The Chicago Sun-Times


On January 13, 2003 The Chicago Sun-Times reported that "a scientist.. urged a Cook County [IL] judge Monday to reject McDonald's Corp.'s proposed list of 26 groups scheduled to share in a $10 million settlement by the fast-food chain... 'It will set back vegetarianism as a class for 10 to 20 years' because the groups McDonald's favors are hostile to the values the settlement was intended to honor, said T. Colin Campbell, a Cornell University professor and leader of a 1982 study in China that found a close correlation between meat consumption and the incidence of cancer and heart disease... McDonald's is supposed to distribute $6 million to vegetarian organizations, $2 million to Hindu or Sikh groups and the remaining money to better feed children and to promote understanding of Jewish kosher practices."