Update: Hate Crimes on UC Berkeley's Campus

April 30, 2003

Source: UC Berkeley News


On April 30, 2003 UC Berkeley News reported that "for some students, Berkeley’s reputation as a place of tolerance and acceptance doesn’t quite match their reality... Last spring, Berkeley Hillel, a Jewish student center, was marked by anti-Jewish graffiti and had a brick thrown through one of its windows. On Christmas Eve, a swastika and Aryan Nation symbol were spraypainted on a sign in front of the African American Theme House cooperative. This year, just in the month of April, a Sikh student passing through the Eucalyptus Grove was physically attacked, a pro-Palestinian student was spat on during a demonstration, and anti-Muslim statements were scrawled on a wall outside the Recreational Sports Facility... A coalition, comprised of representatives from numerous identity groups — including Arab, Israeli, African American, Sikh, Muslim, and gay, among others — met with Horace Mitchell, Vice Chancellor – Business and Administrative Services, who oversees UCPD... Out of these discussions, 15 recommendations for dealing with hate incidents were formulated, including: creating a campus Hate Crimes Task Force; inserting language into the Student Code of Conduct that deals specifically with bias-related incidents; incorporating information about hate acts into new-student orientations; organizing forums and courses to increase the understanding of cultural differences; and developing a set of 'Principles of Community' for the campus."