Update: Good News Rescue Mission Welcomes Sikhs

April 13, 2003

Source: The Sacramento Bee


On April 13, 2003 The Sacramento Bee reported that "the Sikh presence at the Good News Rescue Mission during Thanksgiving of 2001 understandably attracted media attention... There, [Kawaljit] Singh took time to explain his religion, his turban, the small silver knife, or kirpan, he tucks in his belt. Some onlookers apparently saw it as going too far... Soon after the issue reached the local press, Singh and the Rev. Jim Dahl had settled the matter, agreeing that the Sikhs would serve lunch May 2. Dahl insists the matter was overblown and that the controversy stemmed from 'a calamity of miscommunication...' What's more, he rejects the idea that his organization discriminates, noting that it serves 14,000 meals a month to the area's downtrodden -- folks many residents wish would simply go away."