Update: Good News Rescue Mission Welcomes Sikhs

April 5, 2003

Source: Record Searchlight


On April 5, 2003 the Record Searchlight reported that "Sikhs are welcome to cook and serve food at the Good News Rescue Mission and the media can cover it. The Rev. Jim Dahl, the mission director, said that was the essence of a Friday afternoon telephone conversation between him and Kawaljit Singh... 'I let him know the door is wide open for them to serve and that any embarrassment or feeling like they're not wanted — that I apologize for that,' Dahl said. 'Basically, I told him the Sikhs are welcome to participate — media or no media...' Dahl's decision appears to be a reversal from a statement he made Wednesday when he said that the Sikhs' presence at the mission compromised the organization's Christian-based image. He also said that while the Sikhs never proselytized Sikhism at the mission, their message was subtle, and the media unwittingly disseminated it... Dahl said Friday that he accepted responsibility for not handling the situation with the Sikhs 'more directly' — instead of letting his assistant, Guy Ascherman, deal with Singh."