Update: French Government Allows Sikh Students to Wear Under-Turbans

August 7, 2005

Source: The Panthic Weekly


On August 7, 2005 The Panthic Weekly reported, "The French Government has taken the positive step in allowing Sikh students to wear ‘patkas’ (under-turbans) while at school. It is being reported that this is due to certain behind-the-scenes intervention by the Government of India, along with the efforts of the Sikh community in France and in the European Union, helped in bringing about a change in policy... The Sikh community has seen this change in policy as a victory in one battle. It is hoped that the heads of all schools where Sikh children study would take note of the change in attitude of the French authorities, and allow Sikh children in France to study even as they wear their ‘patkas’ to school.

The Sikh community has seen this as a very important first step, it is hoped that the French authorities will now go a step further and allow Sikhs to wear there turbans while at school and work."