Update: Espionage Charges Dropped for Chaplain Yee, New Charges Follow

November 26, 2003

Source: Pacific News Service


On November 26, 2003 Pacific News Service reported that "Captain James Yee, the Army chaplain at Guantanamo Bay, was freed after spending almost 3 months in military prison on espionage charges. But his release is bittersweet to his family and supporters. Yee is now charged with downloading pornography and adultery, charges many say are outrageous and false... Deeply suspicious, Yee's supporters describe the new charges as an attempt by the government to discredit the captain and cover up its failure to produce a credible case against him. Yee was accused last October of disobeying orders and stealing classified information on behalf of suspected members of al Qaeda and Taliban he counseled in the Guantanamo base prison. "