Update: Crash at West Virginia Mosque

January 23, 2003

Source: The Dominion Post


On January 23, 2003 The Dominion Post reported that "a vehicle careened into the side of the mosque at 441 Harding Ave., just off University Avenue [in Morgantown, W. VA]... Ahmed el-Sherbeeny, a mechanical engineering doctoral student from Egypt who regularly prays at the mosque, doesn't think it was an accident -- as he pointed to tire tracks that he said show the vehicle backing up to make another go at the building... 'It looks deliberate,' he said, 'especially when you look at the angle and you see that it hit twice.' Harding Avenue also wasn't snow covered when el-Sherbeeny left after morning prayers, he said... Investigating Morgantown Police Officer Dan Trejo didn't return calls Wednesday, and his report wasn't available at the police station, an officer there said."