Update: Controversy Over Sikh Temple Election in Fremont, California

December 17, 2002

Source: The Argus


On December 17, 2002 The Argus reported that "leaders of Fremont's Sikh temple posted the $900,000 set by a judge to delay a Jan. 12 election that would decide whether they can maintain control of the Bay Area's largest and wealthiest temple... The bond is collateral to ensure the leaders don't spend temple money or assets during the appeal process... The civil case was spurred after six other Sikh worshipers claimed to have won positions on the temple's leadership body, the Supreme Council, after a chaotic March election that required police supervision. The election was not legitimate, the courts found, and [judge] Spain ordered a new one... Gurdial Singh, one of the five leaders, said Monday the money came from supporters who want the religious practices of the temple protected from court interference."