Update: Controversy Continues Concerning the Removal of Cross in L.A.

June 11, 2004

Source: Los Angeles Times


On June 11, 2004 the Los Angeles Times reported, "For decades, Latin crosses have adorned government seals, sometimes amid a jumble of other icons meant to reflect a community's history, faith or values. But after two California jurisdictions decided to scrap such images when threatened with ACLU lawsuits, the miniature crosses have spurred an intense debate over religion's place in public life that seems unlikely to fade anytime soon... Erasing a cross, it now seems clear, is a politically perilous pursuit. What began as a murmur in Redlands (population 67,000) swelled into a full-throated roar this month after the American Civil Liberties Union took the fight to Los Angeles County, calling the small cross on the county seal an unconstitutional 'endorsement of Christianity.' When county supervisors voted last week to abandon the cross, the reaction was swift and furious."