Update: City Council Likely to Pass Amendment Allowing Call to Prayer in MI

April 20, 2004

Source: The Detroit News


On April 20, 2004 The Detroit News reported, " Along with pierogi and paczki, Hamtramck may soon be known for its Islamic calls to worship. The City Council is expected today to pass a noise ordinance amendment permitting mosques to issue the traditional call to prayer over loud speakers. It’s another sign of change in this traditionally Polish community of 23,000, which has become a magnet for immigrants of all colors and creeds in recent years. For decades, Hamtramck has been predominantly Polish. But in recent years, store signs in Polish have been joined by signs written in Bengali and Arabic. Now, the request by the Bangladeshi al-Islah mosque for permission to air the Arabic call to prayer via loudspeakers five times a day has revealed tensions among the groups."