Update: CAIR Reports Rising Anti-Muslim Incidents

July 15, 2003

Source: The Washington Post


On July 15, 2003 The Washington Post reported that "Muslims living in the United States were the target of more than 600 alleged incidents of discrimination, harassment and violence in 2002, a 15 percent increase over the previous year, according to a report released yesterday by a Washington-based Islamic advocacy organization... The annual report by the Council on American-Islamic Relations is based on complaints from Muslims who call the council... Of the 602 incidents that the council recorded in 2002, 42 -- or 7 percent -- involved violence against people or property. The most common types of anti-Muslim incidents were alleged employment discrimination (17 percent) and verbal harassment (15 percent), followed by failure to accommodate religious practices (13 percent), passenger profiling in airports (12 percent) and discriminatory action by government agents, including 'unreasonable arrest, detention, surveillance [and] search' (12 percent), the report said."