Update: Balbir Singh Sodhi Remembered

September 8, 2002

Source: The Arizona Republic

On September 8, 2002, The Arizona Republic reported that "the pain of losing a patriarch hasn't really left the Sodhi family. It's been a year since Sukhwinder Singh Sodhi's father, Balbir, was shot to death while planting flowers outside the family's convenience store near 80th Street and University Drive in Mesa. Sukhwinder, 29, wears a Diamondbacks baseball cap now instead of a turban. His dark beard is close-cropped. He says family life was starting to get better until Balbir's brother, a San Francisco cab driver, was shot and killed there Aug. 4. 'It's really hard,' Sukhwinder said. 'Somebody killed him, and they don't know why. Investigators have said in both cases that the Sodhi brothers were in the wrong places at the wrong times."