Update: American Airlines Investigates Pilot Misconduct

February 12, 2004

Source: The Anti-Defamation League


On February 12, 2004 The Anti-Defamation League reported that "American Airlines has assured the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that it is conducting a 'thorough investigation' into allegations that one of its pilots encouraged Christian passengers on a New York/JFK-bound flight from Los Angeles to identify themselves and to use the flight time as an opportunity to engage in conversation about religion with non-Christian passengers... On behalf of the airline, Mr. Gerard Arpey , President of American Airlines offered his apologies to all who were offended by our employee's remarks.  The airline indicated that, consistent with its policies, it has withheld the pilot from service while the investigation into the February 8 flight continues.   ADL contacted American Airlines to express concern about the alleged episode.  In a letter to the airline, ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman said that 'the allegations, if true, are deeply troubling.  Religious faith and belief are private and personal matters.'"