Update on Accommodations in GA Schools for Muslim Students

November 6, 2004

Source: The Atlanta Journal Constitution


On November 6, 2004 The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported, "Gwinnett County schools and the family of two students at Duluth High School continued negotiations Monday over how best to accommodate Muslims who want to attend congregational prayer on Friday afternoons. Last week, the school system presented three options excusing Muslims students from the final class period every day of the week. Members of the Rashied family of Duluth, who raised the question of Friday prayer with school officials, initially were encouraged by the offer because it would allow students in the state's largest school system to attend the juma'a prayer required of Muslims on Friday. But the arrangement could create another set of problems for families unable to pick up their children early from school every day, said Isam Rashied, a freshman at Duluth High."