University Buddhist Association at UCLA

January 22, 2003

Source: Daily Bruin

On January 22, 2003 the Daily Bruin reported that "as a relatively new follower of Buddhism, [Amie] McCampbell, a second-year undeclared student, is a typical member of the University Buddhist Association, a relatively new student organization started last fall after a three-year absence of Buddhist groups at UCLA... Yet Rosa Langley, the club's social chair and meditation coordinator, who has been practicing Buddhist meditation since age 13, is also a typical member of the group... So far, regular attendance boasts about a dozen members, with a mailing list of 40 and growing... The students of the organization meet regularly for lectures on Buddhist philosophy, history and application to daily life, as well as for group meditation... They spend their Monday evenings in silence, sitting still for intervals of 25 minutes, led by Reverend Kusala, the Buddhist Chaplain for the University Religious Conference at UCLA and the Association's director. Kusala, an American-born Bhikshu, or monk ordained in the Zen tradition of Vietnam, defines his beliefs behind the Theravada Buddhist doctrine."