University and School of Theology Collaborate to Establish Interfaith Center in Denver

January 26, 2005

Source: Denver,1413,36~53~2673645,00.html

On January 26, 2005 Denver reported, "the University of Denver and Iliff School of Theology announced Tuesday the creation of a new interfaith center envisioned as a vehicle for narrowing religious divides over the Iraq war, faith's influence on politics and other timely issues. The Center for Religion and Public Life grew out of a desire to add a spiritual component to DU's 'Bridges to the Future' lecture series. The center, a collaboration of religious leaders and academics, will stage education and outreach programs and hopes to establish three funded fellowships. Rebecca Lobel, the center director and former assistant director at DU's Center for Judaic Studies, said organizers would not shy from hot-button issues but also will not focus solely on them. She said the goal is 'to provide forums that will help people have a discussion on those issues in a constructive way rather than a way that is more polemical.'"

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