Universal House of Justice Addresses Iranian Baha'i Students

September 14, 2007

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Baha'i World News Service


In the wake of new evidence that Iran has lied about its intention to allow Baha'i students into universities, the Universal House of Justice has sent a letter to Iranian Baha'i youth encouraging them to respond with composure, perseverance, and a redoubled commitment to work towards the common good in Iran.

"With an illumined conscience, with a world-embracing vision, with no partisan political agenda, and with due regard for law and order, strive for the regeneration of your country. By your deeds and services, attract the hearts of those around you, even win the esteem of your avowed enemies," wrote the Baha'i international governing council in a letter dated 9 September 2007.

The letter comes after disclosures that indisputably reveal the double game being played by the Iranian government in the execution of its long-term plan to block the development of the Iranian Baha'i community.

A major element of that plan has been to prevent Baha'i youth from obtaining higher education. More than half of the Baha'i students in university last year have been expelled for no reason other than their religion. Recently, the Baha'i International Community disclosed the existence of a confidential government memorandum instructing Iranian universities to expel any student who is discovered to be a Baha'i, refuting statements by Iranian officials who say Baha'i students face no discrimination.