Univ. of Wisconsin Facing Lawsuit Over Dorm Bible Study Policy

January 13, 2006

Source: TownHall.com/CNSNews.com


On January 13, 2006 CNSNews.com reported, "With the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire facing a federal lawsuit over alleged religious discrimination, the president of the state's university system this month will develop a system-wide policy regarding student employees who lead Bible studies on campus. Lance Steiger, a Christian and a resident assistant (RA) at one of the university's dormitories, filed his federal lawsuit against the school in November, charging that the ban on dormitory-based Bible study violated his free expression of religion. The University of Wisconsin-Eu Claire (UWEC) has suspended that ban pending the outcome of the lawsuit... Deborah Newman, the university's associate director of housing and resident life in July wrote a cease-and-desist letter to resident assistants who had been leading Bible studies, noting that the university had 'a fair number of students in each of our halls who do not practice Christianity. It is very important to us that these students feel that they can turn to you in a crisis,' Newman wrote the RAs. The resident assistants are students who are compensated by the school, usually with free room and board at dormitories, for serving as a liaison between students and the administration."