Unity In Diversity

April 7, 2009

Author: Nathan Glassman

Source: The Justice Online


The Roxbury Mosque in downtown Roxbury, Mass. stands as a tall, proud, red brick building with a black, domed roof. It sharply contrasts with the surrounding urban neighborhood and the recreational park across the road. Upon first glance, the mosque almost looks out of place, but upon further inspection, it becomes clear that it is this diverse nature that makes the mosque so beautiful.

Because of its distinctiveness, the Roxbury Mosque served as the perfect setting for Greater Boston's third annual Day of Interfaith Youth Service Sunday, March 29, when over 100 people gathered for a day of discussion about religion and various community service projects.

During the DIYS, Jews, Catholics, Muslims and members of other religious faiths participated in open discussions about what religion means to them and meaningful projects they have participated in. The format encouraged individuals to talk about their own experiences and share with other members of the community. Additionally, participants of DIYS worked side-by-side on community service projects at Community Boating Center Inc., Haley House and Chestnut Hill Reservation. They also had a cleanup in the area surrounding the mosque.

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