United Sikhs Aid Doctors Join the Florida Tornado Emergency Operations Center

February 19, 2007

Source: Sikh News Network


Lady Lake, Florida: Four United Sikhs AID volunteers, including two doctors, registered last week with the Lady Lake County Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The team discussed relief effort strategies with other groups involved in the relief effort, from various parts of the United States.

Helena Osborne-Ponsi, the coordinator of volunteer groups, welcomed the two UNITED SIKHS’ doctors Dr. Navinderdeep Singh and Dr. Sukhbir Kaur to the Medical Reserve Corp (MRC), Lake County Health. She said, “Having MDs in the team would help MRC to reach out to affected people. I praise the efforts of all volunteer organizations who have taken time to come down for the registration”. Helena Osbone-Ponsi, EOC coordinator, with UNITED SIKHS AID Doctors Dr Navinderdeep Singh said, “The Lake County EOC was very appreciative of the Sikh community’s efforts. We will be on the Medical Reserve list to provide assistance for the current and future disaster relief. We are in the process of setting up a nation-wide UNITED SIKHS Disaster Response Medical Team”. Dr Singh was the first Sikh doctor to rush to the Twin Towers in New York City on 9/11 to help people without fearing any hate/bias attack.

Jasbir Singh, Sikh Society of Central Florida President stated, “UNITED SIKHS is engaged in humanitarian work in the true spirit of Seva. It is therefore a pleasure associating with the group and providing them support in every which way. It is spiritually uplifting. I hope that during UNITED SIKHS’ visit to Central Florida we shall be able provide meaningful help to victims of recent storms in the Lady Lake area.”