Under Pressure, City Removes Cross from Official Seal

May 2, 2004

Source: The First Amendment Center


On May 2, 2004 The First Amendment Center reported, "A Southern California city has agreed to remove a cross from its official seal under pressure from the American Civil Liberties Union.

For nearly 40 years, a shimmering cross hovering over a church steeple has been emblazoned on the seal of Redlands, about 70 miles east of Los Angeles. It was to be removed by April 30 from municipal vehicles, police badges and the doors of City Hall.

The ACLU demanded the cross be removed, contending it is a Christian symbol and violates the First Amendment's prohibition of government endorsement of religion.

'We cannot afford to engage in a fight that we will lose,' Mayor Susan Peppler told about 150 protesters who gathered downtown on April 28 to wave crucifixes at passing cars and carry signs reading 'Don't Toss the Cross' and 'Honk for the Cross.'"

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